Summer – Construction & DIY Projects!

Happy New Month!

JUNE is filled with beauty, splendour, and lots of celebrations. It brings an end to the unpredictable weather, we experience in the Spring, and officially marks the beginning of summer.

It is the season for flowers, vegetable gardens, patios and barbeque, flip flops, weddings, vacations and yes – construction projects. June is the month when we celebrate Father’s Day, my oldest nephew’s birthday (who is quite handsome and charming), and National Indigenous People’s Day (a day recognizing and celebrating the cultures and contributions of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Indigenous peoples of Canada), Juneteenth (a federal holiday in the United States to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved African Americans), and International Women in Engineering Day. These are just a few of some significant celebrations that are worth mentioning. 

Summer Construction

This can be a huge inconvenience for most motorists, especially during rush hour traffic, when three out of the four lanes are closed. Most construction projects are seasonal in nature, but they bring economic and social benefits to the community in which they occur; through job creation, infrastructure development and maintenance, and they strengthen the skilled trades industry.

According to the City of Regina, it’s investing $118 million in construction projects (transportation, water, wastewater and drainage infrastructure) in 2022 (June through to September). This is welcome news for residents of Regina, SK because it contributes to the economic recovery of Regina, SK and Canada at large.

DIY Construction Projects

Each year, I tackle a few construction projects around my home (I solicit the help of my Love – of course), and this year is no different. This summer, my DIY construction projects include a bit of backyard maintenance and home reno. I will be adding some reinforcement to our fence to close gaps, and refinishing a dresser for one of our bedrooms. By tackling these projects myself, I am not only sprucing up my home, but I am learning new skills, and saving money in the process.

Don’t let summer construction or your DIY summer projects intimidate you. Here are some useful tips and tricks that you can use to conquer any project.

Tips and Tricks

Have a plan:

Summer construction is part of every municipality, city, province/state, etc. Plan your route and try your best to try to avoid rush hour and peak travel times.

For your DIY summer project, try to have a full understanding of the scope of work, and determine what resources are needed to properly execute the project.

Have a budget:

Your DIY summer project may need a permit, materials, tools and equipment. Forecast what is needed to complete the project and continuously review and balance revenue to expenses.

Manage your time:

Give yourself extra time between destinations to offset traffic jams and delays.

Your DIY project may take a bit longer if you have no prior experience with the task at hand. Prioritize your tasks, be organized, and seek advice when necessary.

Visit the City of Regina – Summer Construction 2022 for more information, and BuyWomensWorkwear for your safety clothing and apparel.

Have fun, stay safe and be empowered!

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