Hand Safety in the Workplace

Workplace injuries to hands are unpleasant and in some cases, life-changing. Hand injuries are the highest occupational injuries, which can result in long absences from work, or worse, prematurely end your career altogether. According to research, more than one million workers end up in emergency rooms each year due to hand injuries, and over 60 percent of these patients were not wearing safety gloves. 

Safety gloves are worn by workers to protect their hands from injuries in the workplace. Wearing gloves can provide protection from abrasions, bruises, burns, chemicals, cuts, moisture, punctures, temperature exposure (heat, cold), and other types of occupational hazards. Wearing gloves is proactive, efficient, and a smart occupational safety workplace practice. 

Types of Work Gloves

Choosing the right type of gloves is just as important; as different types of gloves offer different dexterity, functionality, and protection to its wearer. Before choosing your safety gloves, first identify the hazards, then ensure that your glove selection corresponds to hand protection measures, is the right fit, size, and appropriate for the task at hand. Full hand protection in the workplace may even require more than one type of glove throughout the day. Safety gloves can be categorized into ten different types. 

  • Anti-Vibration Gloves 
  • Durable Work Gloves
  • Fabric or Cotton Gloves
  • Impact Resistant
  • Insulated Rubber Gloves 
  • Kevlar Gloves
  • Leather Gloves 
  • Liquid and Chemical 
  • Neoprene Gloves
  • Puncture Resistant Gloves 

The workplace is swarming with hazards, but wearing the proper safety gloves can be instrumental in preventing a variety of short and long term workplace injuries. With so much innovation in glove manufacturing, from the use of the best fibers such as Nomex for great heat protection, to Kevlar for protection against cuts and Gore-Tex membrane for durability, breathability, and water resistance, we can definitely help you to find a pair of gloves that offers you the best hand protection. Wearing safety gloves is an extremely beneficial practice that will ultimately improve your overall occupational safety.

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